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Brigidine College´s Conduct Code

Fundamental to our College rules are the basic principles of respect for self, respect for others and respect for property. Deliberate violation of these rules and principles brings specific consequences that may include yard duty, detention, suspension or, in extreme cases, discontinuation of enrolment. It is important that all students be aware of our agreed upon rules and procedures and the consequences for deliberate violation of these rules and responsibilities.



•  Language and conduct should be appropriate and not offensive to others.

•  The correct school uniform, as outlined in the Uniform Policy, should be worn at all times and kept neat and tidy.

•  Chewing gum is not permitted whilst in College uniform.

•  The use or possession of alcohol or drugs on College premises or on College activities is not permitted.



•  Students should stand for adults in public transport.

•  Courtesy should be extended to all visitors to the College.

•  Students should wait quietly outside specialised classrooms.

•  Behaviour in the library should be conducive to study for everyone.

. Students should walk, keeping to the left, on verandahs, stairwells and in corridors in the interest of safety.

•  Any accident or injury should be reported to the nearest teacher and an accident form completed at the office immediately.

•  In the interest of safety, all students should co-operate with teachers in all bus supervision procedures.

- all students are to remain in the Canteen Quad area until they are escorted to the bus;

- all students are to allow adult passengers their right to a seat on any bus and treat all passengers with respect.



•  Defacing any area with graffiti is regarded as a very serious offence.

•  All clothing and other belongings are to be well marked and left in the locker when not is use.

•  The students are advised not to bring large sums of money to the College. All money is to be

carried by the owner and money is never to be left in bags/lockers etc. If a large sum of money

needs to be brought to the College it is to be handed in at the Office to the School Bursar before

morning Roll Call.

•  Students are not to use walkmans/mp3 players/mobile phones or tapes in the College.

•  Report to a teacher as soon as possible any damage noticed in the College.

•  Food and drink must not be taken into or eaten in classrooms or carpeted areas.

•  Each student is responsible for her own rubbish and should place it in the bins. Students need to

co-operate in the cleaning of the playgrounds through recess and lunchtime.

•  All classrooms and corridors are out of bounds during recess and lunchtime as well as some specified areas of the College.