Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook


An Archdiocesan Catholic Systemic Girls College Years 7-12
Location Address: 6 Aeolia Street RANDWICK 2031
Postal Address: Locked Bag No 11, ST PAULS PO, NSW 2031
Phone: 9398-6710 Fax: 9398-4671
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In 480 AD an extraordinary woman called Brigid established an abbey and a church in Kildare Ireland. This was the beginning of a group of women religious who named themselves after Brigid. The life and work of this group was interrupted in the sixteenth century by the Reformation and on February 1st 1807, “the ancient order of Brigid” was restored by the Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin, Daniel Delany. Dr Delany gathered together six women catechists in Tullow, Co. Carlow and these became the first Sisters in the Congregation of St Brigid (Brigidines). Their purpose was to provide education to those who were denied education at that time. As repressive laws against the education of the Irish were relaxed by the English, the Brigidines were able to increase in the number of schools and convents for which they were responsible.
In 1883, six Irish Brigidines came to Australia and established their first Australian convent in Coonamble. By 1900, the Congregation had grown and a property in Sydney was necessary as a Provincialite and a novitiate. Brigidine College Randwick opened its doors on September 23rd, 1901 with an enrolment of fifteen students. For one year the school was in a rented house, “Strathallen” in Avoca Street (now the Ward Medical Institute). A year later the imposing “Aeolia” and its land was purchased and this was followed by construction of school and convent buildings. Up until the 1950’s Brigidine Randwick was a large establishment comprising provincialate, novitiate, and a K-12 boarding school for girls with boys also as day students in lower primary years. At the end of the first decade of the Twenty- First century, the Congregation of St Brigid has leased what was once Brigidine Convent Randwick to Catholic Health Care and the Sydney Catholic Education Office. Brigidine House is an aged care facility in the buildings which were the original Aeolia and later convent and chapel additions. Brigidine College is now a secondary day school for girls only and continues to operate in the buildings built by the Brigidines as their school and in later additional buildings.

Like all other Brigidine schools, our College has the crest and motto of the Brigidine Congregation. Up until 1948 the motto of the school was Finis Coronat Opus, the End Crowns the Work. In 1948, it was decided that all Brigidine schools would adopt the crest and motto of the Congregation. The crest contains diamonds in the form of a cross and above that is St. Brigid’s Cross. This is a special cross, made from rushes and it is found widely in Irish homes as it is believed to protect the home from fire. Legend has it that St. Brigid wove it from rushes growing by a stream. In the centre of the cross is the lamp of learning. The motto “Fortiter et Suaviter” is the underpinning of Brigidine ethos. This translates into “To act with strength and gentleness”: “Nothing is as strong as gentleness. Nothing is as gentle as real strength” This motto has been embraced and valued by all Brigidine students and remains inspiring and relevant for women of the twenty-first century.

Our mission at Brigidine College is committed to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical development of young women.  We believe that young women develop when

  • they are connected to God through prayer and work for justice
  • they have self respect and know that they are worthy of respect
  • they value the dignity of others and the need to respect others
  • they are pleased with their spiritual,intellectual, emotional and physical growth
  • they have mutually beneficial friendship with their peers
  • that have adults that they trust as reliable guides
  • they can express their creative spirit
  • they have a wide range of learning activities
  • they have a deep confidence that comes from accepting challenges
  • they have issues to examine which are directly connected to their present reality
  • they have fun and a sense of well being
  • they live with a strong sense of purpose and meaning
  • they know that they can overcome disappointment and obstacles in the way of their dreams and goals

With an enrolment of approximately 860 students, the College attracts girls from the Eastern Suburbs, the Eastern Seaboard from North Bondi to Maroubra, beyond Anzac Parade to the City and Suburbs. It has easy transport access via bus. Many girls attending Brigidine have strong traditional family ties with the College and there is a close liaison with the Brigidine Ex-Students' Association.
The College is located in Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish, Randwick and our Chaplain and Parish Priest is a priest of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. The College enjoys a happy and supportive relationship with the parish on both a formal and informal level. There are ten parish schools in Brigidine’s region which have priority for the enrolment of girls at Brigidine. These are: OLSH Randwick; St Margaret Mary’s North Randwick; St Marys-St Joseph’s Maroubra Beach; St Aidan’s Maroubra Junction; St Charles’ Waverley; McCauley Rose Bay; Galilee Bondi Beach; Holy Cross Woollahra; St Anthony’s Clovelly; St Brigid’s Coogee and two schools shared with OLSH Kensington, St Andrew’s Malabar and St Francis’ Paddington
  In keeping with the religious ideals of the  Congregation of st Brigid and its belief in the importance of a Catholic education, the Gospel values are reflected in our curriculum and supported by Catholic liturgy and practice. We are an active faith community that seeks to maintain close links with a supportive parish network.
Brigidine's commitment to excellence in education maintains a culture of learning which underpins its outstanding academic, cultural and sporting results whilst continuing to have a high number of students gaining entrance to university and other tertiary study. To seek to identify and nurture the unique talents of each student is the aim of our dedicated and professional Staff. Our staff also plays an important role in the pastoral care of the girls. The College is renowned for its musical and cultural tradition with a large number who frequently perform at College functions and for the wider community. Drama and dance complete the student opportunities for self-expression and performance. Students are always encouraged to participate in a wide range of sporting and cultural activities made available to them throughout the school year. Parents are always welcome to attend functions which celebrate and showcase student achievement.
Student Leadership is an integral part of Brigidine's education of young women who are prepared to face challenges with confidence and compassion. Leadership is promoted and established from the youngest to the most senior student through the Student Representative Council, Peer Support Leaders, House Captains and Social Justice. Leadership at Brigidine is based on service. Just as Jesus said “I am among you as one who serves” so student leadership at Brigidine requires students in the midst of their peers to be searching for fresh ways to make manifest a culture of care, learning and generosity that was seen first in Brigid’s abbey at Kildare.


New South Wales Province:
Brigidine College Indooroopilly Queensland
Brigidine College St Ives NSW
Brigidine College Randwick NSW

Victorian Province:
Marian College Ararat Victoria
St Joseph’s College Echucha Victoria
Clonard College Geelong Victoria
Kilbreda College Mentone Victoria
Killester College Springvale Victoria
Marian College Sunshine West Victoria
Kildare College Holden Hill South Australia


1. Develop in her the ability to work harmoniously in a group
. All teaching and learning at Brigidine happens in groups of various sizes. Students who have no special needs are generally in groups ranging between 15 and 30. Specialist classes, especially in the senior secondary years can be much smaller. No matter the size of the group, every girl needs skills in listening, following instructions, concentrating on the task at hand, self evaluation of her learning behaviours and allowing others to be the centre of attention. These skills, even if rudimentary, are presumed by the teacher as they come to their classes. The development of group work skills is the professional work of a teacher, however, the degree of sophistication reached by a student is dependent on the deliberate modelling and reinforcement of such skills in the home. Parents always hear criticism at home about schools and teachers. One of the arts of parenting is to listen to a daughter’s complaints with an awareness of the daughter’s personality and personal strengths and weaknesses. A parent ‘reads through the lines’ and comes to a conclusion about what is happening. A parent then makes the decision that a student can manage this dilemma with guidance and support from home or the parent may decide that the issue is beyond her and requires adult intervention. Negotiating struggles at school is one important way that a student grows in wisdom and confidence. The painful experience for all parents is the resistance of the deep desire to protect their children from every difficulty. Over supervised and over protected children lack self esteem, self discipline and confidence for facing the challenges of living in a community. The child’s personal development is the goal of all good parenting.

2. Develop in her the ability to accept responsibility and to understand that actions have consequences.
At Brigidine, all students carry responsibility. The degree of success they enjoy as students, and as girls within the school, depends on their ability to embrace the responsibility they have to themselves, their parents and the school. Brigidine encourages each girl to have a vision for her life and how she will make manifest in that life the gifts she has been given. She has a responsibility to the person she is and to the person she can be. She has a responsibility to her parents who have nurtured her and have chosen Brigidine as the best place for her education. Working with sincerity at her studies is a powerful way that a girl is respectful to her parents and shows a degree of gratitude for the high quality of care she receives as a daughter. All good parenting guides a child to understand the connection between actions and consequences. This understanding is crucial for the development of decision making ability. The Brigidine Student Diary outlines the “consequences” for student behaviours that hinder the personal growth of students rather than helps it

3. Develop in her familiarity with personal excellence.
Staff at Brigidine have high expectations of the behaviour and sincerity that a girl brings to her studies. Families also develop a sense of what personal excellence means. The most successful students have a very strong sense of personal excellence and are open to the challenges set by their teachers.

4. Develop in her an expectation to respect the values and attitudes of a Catholic school for girls. The expectations at Brigidine for student attitudes and behaviours are very predictable for anyone who knows the beliefs of our religious tradition. Students can feel confronted by the Brigidine expectations if they have a system of values that has been formed only by popular culture. The great majority of teachers on staff at Brigidine are women and the conduct and attitudes expected of the students are the result of the depth of thought of women who wish for the safest and the most challenging for the younger women in their care. In regard to issues of Bullying it is important that parents are also modelling peacemaking assertive behaviour to their daughters.   It is counterproductive for parents to bully  or intimidate Brigidine staff.

5.Develop in her the ability to speak about her aspirations and her needs. Communicating personal needs does not come easily for some women. At Brigidine we encourage girls and parents to tell staff members when a girl may be challenged by something that is happening for her. The school can help, given the limitations of its resources and mission, only when it knows what is going on. With such a large number of girls to care for, parents need to communicate factual and concise information to the school at the most appropriate time when their daughter is in need of special assistance.

6. Show through conversations at home that you value learning. Homes are full of subtle but powerful messages. Children who see their parents’ love of learning and see and hear their parents in thought provoking and insightful dialogue will not be surprised by the expectations at Brigidine.

7. Keeping Informed: Brigidine has the responsibility to communicate to parents its activities, attitudes and policies and to make known to parents where these can be accessed. It is a parent’s responsibility to be correctly informed about the school. Section Three gives more detail about communication.

8. Paying Fees:
Brigidine is a Catholic systemic secondary school and as such carries fees for parents. Brigidine fees are well publicised. A student in a Catholic systemic school receives a proportion of the Government funding received by a student in a State school; the fees charged to parents make up the difference. There is no money from the institutional Catholic Church given to the school. Brigidine has land and buildings which were purchased and developed by the Brigidine Sisters, the school is administered by Sydney Catholic Schools; generally the staff and students are Catholic. It is an expectation that parents will pay their fees on time and will make the payment of their fees a very high priority in their household budgets. Bursaries are availble for girls from low income families and the application for these bursaries is straightforward and require documentation about a family's financial situation. A debt collector is used by Sydney Catholic Schools and girls whose parents are in arrears without discussion with the Principal are not able to attend camps and do not receive official academic reports, a graduation certificate or a reference.

How to pay fees.

Parent statement of fees

All known set fees for the year are calculated and billed as an annual fee in Term 1 to give families a better idea of their cost to assist them with budgeting. 
Families were given the option to pay their annual fees in instalments either 20 fortnightly payments, 10 monthly payments, one payment annually in Term 1 or at the end of Terms 1,2 & 3 (which is the default option for those that do not make an alternate choice). Whichever option you chose you were provided with the instalment amounts and a due date for each one, these details appear in boxes at the bottom of your statement.
As we now have a very diverse mix of different due dates we no longer send out overdue fee reminder statements. It is therefore very important that you keep track of your fee due dates.
You will not get a reminder until the next Term's account is received. Any unpaid (overdue) fees will be automatically added to the first instalment date after issue of the statement. The future instalment amounts shown on your Term 1 account will now be amended to reflect the extra Term items (i.e. excursions etc). Please adjust any repayment arrangements that you have put in place.
TIP: Use internet banking to set up regular BPay payments on or near the fee due dates.
It is never too late to request a change to your instalment schedule, so please feel free to contact the College Business Manager, Mr John Beehag, to make changes or to discuss any fee matters.

Brigidine can respond to almost all payment methods desired by parents. Methods of payment other than those now customary in contemporary business can be discussed with the Business Manager. Fees can be paid directly at the Brigidine office and there is a locked fees box at Reception where students can drop an envelope which holds fees. 


Please see  the SCS publication: Communicating with School Staff - Information Sheet for Parents

It is the responsibility of any school to make available to parents comprehensive information about itself. Brigidine communicates about itself through:
1. The Website. The Brigidine website gives a general overview of the history and present operation of the school. The website is changed each week and parents are notified to view the website by email. The Brigidine Annual Report is used on the MySchool website.
2.  The Annual Calendar. Brigidine will provide a year calendar for parents in the Sentral portal at the beginning of each year and the calendar is on the website. This enables parents to check exam times and other crucial times for their daughter at school as they plan family activities. Any changes to the calendar will be communicated to parents through the newsletter as well as being updated on the website calendar. These changes should be rare. No dates for Brigidine activities will be changed because families have chosen to have an extended holiday from school.
4. Curriculum Information Nights. Brigidine holds information nights to discuss the specific needs of a year level. The date and times of these nights will be advertised on the calendar and again in the newsletter. Curriculum handbooks for students and families are distributed on these nights. These documents hold the policies and procedures that are relevant to a cohort or Stage. There are some policies that are created specifically for and by Brigidine, however, the great majority of them comply with the requirements of the New South Wales Board of Studies.
5. Letters home about specific events. There are many of these during the year. No girl is able to go on any excursion without a signed permission letter which has communicated to parents information about the excursion.
6. Academic Reports. The content and timing of these reports comply with Federal Government requirements. Academic reports are not sent home to families whose fees are in arrears without a formal agreement with the Business Manager 
7. Phone calls and emails. It is the Principal’s expectation of staff that they return phone calls and emails within three school days(a Sydney Catholic School's policy) and that their conversation with parents is honest, open to the ideas of parents and courteous. Brigidine Staff will terminate an abusive phone call and will not reply to an abusive or accusatory email. As employees in a Catholic community, Brigidine staff can expect to be treated with courtesy. Parents are expected to remain faithful to the promise they made on enrolment to support Brigidine's Catholic ethos and values.
The email address for all Brigidine staff is:
8. Formal Parent Teacher Interviews. The dates of these formal interviews are on the calendar and advertised well beforehand in the newsletter. Students are expected to attend these interviews.  Parents sign up for meetings througn Sentral.


Parents participate in their daughter’s education firstly by understanding the nature of the kind of education offered at Brigidine and by knowing and supervising the details of their daughter’s involvement. As well as keeping informed through reading documents and attending information sessions, there are ‘Showcase’ nights during the year when parents can view the work of Brigidine students. These annual events are the TAS night, the Art Show, the YR12 Design and Technology Major Works display and the Musical and or Concert. These nights all require not only parent attendance but also parent help with the catering that attends the event. The assistance of parents at these functions, as well as thecocktail party at the beginning of each year is asked through the website and email.

Brigidine College belongs to a system of schools that is governed by the Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) Office.The Executive Director of Schools is responsible to Archbishop Anthony Fisher, Archbishop of Sydney.  The SCS Office is a part of the mission of the Archdiocese of Sydney and is responsible to the Archbishop for the delivery of both a secular and religious education in Catholic schools. The Principal of Brigidine Randwick is appointed by the SCS Office and is expected to administer the school in accordance with SCS policy and procedure. All secular education at Brigidine is derived from New South Wales Board of Studies syllabuses. The school is expected to comply with all the policies and procedures of the NESA in regard to these syllabuses and in regard to the required qualifications of teaching staff. Similarly, religious education at Brigidine is derived from syllabuses written by Sydney Catholic Schools.. Teachers of Religious Education are expected to have the requisite qualifications.

Exchange of Information:  Parents need to be aware that staff at Brigidine are able to share information with other agencies and NGOs that will help deliver services and give suppoprt to promote the safety and wellbeing of a child or young person.  Chapter 16A of the Children and Young Persons(Care and Protection) act allows for the exchange of information between prescribed bodies without any Community Services involvement.  This sharing of information can happen without a parent's consent.

Parents who are separated:   It is not the expectation of the Principal that Brigidine staff have the same conversation about a girl on two separate occasions
with her parents.  Parents need to come together to parent teacher interviews and decide which parent will comunicate with staff if their daughter has a particular issue at school.

Access can be given to both parents for information about their daughter on Sentral and to the Newsletter. The very best thing for a child is that her parents can sit together amicably and discuss her welfare with Brigidine staff. Brigidine staff will not have the same conversation about the same issue to do with a student twice; it is important that parents realise that both parents will be invited to a meeting about their daughter when they are co parenting or where court orders show that they are co parenting. Brigidine is legally required to follow the latest court orders. When a parent has no custody rights they will not have conversations with Brigidine staff however they will be given access to newsletters and information about their daughter on Sentral. This policy is designed to ensure that communication within the family remains the responsibility of family members and will not become the responsibility of Brigidine staff.

What To do If.............
1. YOUR DAUGHTER IS ABSENT FROM SCHOOL Parents are to ring the school before 8.30 am and leave a message on the message bank or with the receptionist.  When your daughter returns a note is sent from the parent/guardian. Parent/guardian must write absent notes. This is a legal requirement. If parents do not ring the school a SMS message is sent to the parents to say that their daughter is not at school.
2. YOUR DAUGHTER IS ABSENT OR ILL AND HAS AN ASSESSMENT TASK Ring the school with details for your daughter’s Year Coordinator. Your daughter completes the misadventure form on the first day of her return to school attaching a medical certificate to the form.
3. YOUR DAUGHTER IS LATE TO SCHOOL If you know that your daughter will be late, write a note or ring the school with the explanation. . If she is late for no good reason she will be given an afternoon detention.  ALL BRIGIDINE GIRLS ARE EXPECTED TO BE AT SCHOOL BY 8.30AM AT THE LATEST TO PREPARE FOR PD1 AT 8.40.  Arriving at school at 8.20 gives a girl the time to say hello to her friends and to get ready.
4. YOUR DAUGHTER TRAVELS TO AND FROM SCHOOL BY CAR You must use the Coogee Bay Road entrance to the College that has a dedicated pick up and drop off zone. Parents must never drop or pick up students  in Aeolia Street in the morning and afternoon. Perouse Road atThe Spot is very busy in the mornings and afternoons. parents are encouraged not to drop and pick up daughters in bus stops. This can cause danger becuase of extra traffic density and the frustration of drivers
5. YOUR DAUGHTER TRAVELS TO SCHOOL BY BUS Students must come directly to school in the morning. Where possible, the School Specials should be the first preference of travel. In the afternoon your daughter should wait for her bus in the designated area in the school grounds where she is supervised by Brigidine Staff. Again School Specials should be the first preference of travel.
6. YOUR DAUGHTER HAS TO LEAVE SCHOOL EARLY Your daughter brings a note, written and signed by her parent/guardian, and has it signed by her  Year Coordinator at the beginning of the day. Your daughter then reports to the school office with her signed note when it is time for her to depart.
7. YOUR DAUGHTER HAS AN APPOINTMENT DURING SCHOOL HOURS As above.  Years 7-10 All appointments should be made outside of school hours. If an appointment has been made during school hours a parent/guardian is required to come to the school office to pick the student up and sign her out. This is a safety issue for our younger girls. We would ask that parents support our safety of the students over convenience and ask that all parents always engage with staff respectfully and appropriately as per SCS guidelines. Year 12 girls are expected to make appopintments when they do not have a scheduled class. 
8. YOUR DAUGHTER FEELS SICK OR IS INJURED AT SCHOOL. Your daughter should not ring you on her mobile phone. She should go immediately to the school office to report that she is sick where she will be cared for by the staff. If she is to go home her parent/guardian will be contacted by Brigidine staff and she will be signed out either by her Year Coordinator or the Assistant Principal.
9. YOUR DAUGHTER WISHES TO LEAVE CLASS FOR ANY OTHER REASON Your daughter asks her teacher for permission to leave and she either goes to the bathroom or the student office. 
10. YOUR DAUGHTER BRINGS ANY VALUABLE ITEMS OR SUMS OF MONEY TO SCHOOL Your daughter hands them in to the school office on her arrival at school. Valuables are not to be left in her bag or locker.
11. YOUR DAUGHTER BRINGS A MOBILE PHONE TO SCHOOL Mobile phones brought into the College must be turned off between 8.30am and 3.20pm. Phones should be zipped in pockets or locked in lockers. Girls who are worried about the safety of their phone can leave it at the office. Mobile phones are not to be evident to staff on the school groupnds between 8.30 and 3.30  
12. YOUR DAUGHTER IS UNABLE TO WEAR HER FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM The Parent/guardian writes a note of explanation and your daughter presents this to her homeroom teacher for signing. Students wearing thongs or other open footwear will not be allowed to attend any classes.
13. YOU CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, PARENTS’ WORK NUMBER. Parent/guardian contacts the school office immediately with details.
14. YOUR DAUGHTER WISHES TO HAVE  LEAVE DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR. Details of  which form  you need: New Brigidine Attendance Rules and Form Information   

When you have decided which form you need, please see: The Forms

These are available on this website for you to print off at home or they are at the Student Office for your daughter to pick up.  
15. YOUR DAUGHTER NEEDS HELP WITH A PERSONAL ISSUE Contact the relevant Year Coordinator. Your daughter makes an appointment to see her homeroom teacher, her Year Coordinator, the School Counsellor or the Assistant Principal.
16. YOUR DAUGHTER WANTS TO SEE THE COLLEGE COUNSELLOR Appointments with the Counsellor are generally made through your daughter’s Year Coordinator.
17. YOUR DAUGHTER LOSES HER BUS PASS OR TRAIN PASS Your daughter reports the loss to the school office and collects an application form for a replacement pass.
18. YOUR DAUGHTER LOSES HER STUDENT ID CARD Your daughter reports to the school office and collects a “Lost ID Card Form”. This will explain the procedure for getting a replacement.
19. YOUR DAUGHTER FINDS SOMETHING Your daughter should take it immediately to the school office for Lost Property.
20. YOUR DAUGHTER IS PLACED ON DETENTION Detention is issued for violation of the College’s rules and procedures. Parents are notified if their daughter has been given a detention. Attendance is compulsory and must take precedence over outside school commitments.
21. YOUR DAUGHTER IS ISSUED WITH A YARD DUTY Yard duties are issued for inappropriate behaviour. “Yard Duty” means having a plastic bag and walking around the playground picking up papers while being supervised by a teacher. The girls may also be given sweeping and raking duties on the Cullen Lawn.
22. YOUR DAUGHTER IS GOING THROUGH A DIFFICULT TIME. Phone or email the Principal who will discuss the issues with you, and with you decide on the best course of action at school.
23. YOU ARE UNHAPPY ABOUT YOUR DAUGHTER’S ACADEMIC PROGRESS IN A SUBJECT. Contact the Coordinator of the subject and communicate specific details about your concerns.
24. YOU ARE GENERALLY UNHAPPY AT BRIGIDINE. Make an appointment to see the Principal 
25. YOU ARE VERY ANGRY ABOUT SOMETHING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR DAUGHTER AT BRIGIDINE. Think carefully about what you want to communicate, how you can communicate your feelings respectfully and ring the Principal. All Brigidine staff will terminate an abusive phone call.
26. YOUR DAUGHTER IS NOT CLEAR ABOUT CORRECT CLASSROOM USE:  At no time are students permitted in a classroom at recess and lunch without a supervising teacher.

Sport is a compulsory part of the School Certificate curriculum and all students in Years 7-10 will participate in school sport activities. Therefore:
1. Your daughter must wear full sports uniform and/or appropriate attire for all lessons.
2. When your daughter is unable to participate, a note is required to be excused from the activity  which must be handed to the Sports Coordinator during recess.  She then stays at school and is supervised in another activity.
3. A medical certificate will be required if your daughter regularly fails to participate. The Australian Government has made physical activity mandatory for students during compulsory years of schooling.

4. If your daughter cannot wear her correct sports uniform, she will wear full College uniform and change into appropriate sportswear before her lesson.
5. If your daughter suffers with asthma, she will need to bring her ventolin inhaler to sports lessons.

If your daughter is selected for representative sport, she will be required to fulfill the following:
1. Attend all meetings and training sessions.
2. Follow the rules set down by the Coach.
3. Wear full sports uniform.
4. Abide by the rules of the game.
5. Conduct herself in a manner that displays sportsmanship at all times. Failure to attend an event without sufficient notice will result in possible non-representation in subsequent sporting events.

If an event is to be cancelled or postponed,  all parents will be emailed via the College's "Sentral" administration system.


The College Office
General enquiries should be directed to the College Office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Parents are asked to contact the school office to report that their daughter is away ill on any given day by 8.30am. A message can be left on the College’s answering service. Parents may also make an appointment to discuss any matter concerning their daughter. It is essential that parents make an appointment if they wish to see staff. This will be arranged at a mutually convenient time. Queries about fees are to be directed to the College’s Business Manager.

Student Attendance
Each girl must be present by 8.30 a.m. at the very latest each morning.The official end of the school day is 3.20pm   Each home room teacher keeps an attendance record and parents will be notified of repeated, unexplained absence from school or from individual classes. When, for whatever reason, a student must miss classes, such absences should be explained in writing to the teachers involved. When a student is absent it is expected that parents will phone the College. Letters of explanation covering each day of absence must be brought to the student's home room teacher on her return to school as it is a legal requirement that the College monitors student absences. No student is permitted to leave Brigidine unless she is first signed-out at the Office. Consistent absences will also have a significant impact on a student’s ability to achieve the outcomes of the courses that she is studying and on her readiness to proceed to the next stage of study.

If a student is late or is required to leave early, a permission note is required stating clearly the time and reasons. The permission note is to be written and signed by the parent or guardian. The College places a high value on teaching and learning time and therefore it is expected that students who need to make appointments organise these appointments outside school hours. It is also expected that wherever possible students return to school after the appointment.

Public Transport (Bus and Train)
To be eligible for a free travel pass students must reside more than 1.6 kilometres (radial distance) measured from the school or 2.3 kilometres or more by the most direct, practicable walking route to the nearest school gate. Bus pass application forms are available from the school office. A train pass will be issued on the first day of the school year to those students entitled to it. Students are reminded that a standard of conduct consistent with that which is expected at school, is also expected of them on their way to and from school. Unsatisfactory conduct on buses or trains will result in State Transit Authority confiscating the student’s travel pass. All students must stand aside for adult passengers and stand to accommodate adult passengers on buses or trains. The High Street Bus Stop, outside the Prince of Wales Hospital, is not to be used for catching any buses to or from school.

Normally it should not be necessary for students to bring large sums of money to school. When it is necessary the amount should be placed in an envelope with the student's name and handed to Brigidine’s Business Manager for safekeeping.

The Uniform Shop
The College Uniform Shop is located in the Undercroft area. Enter via Aeolia Street, turn left and it can be found to the left of the Tuckshop. The hours of opening are restricted to Mondays from 8 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

Each student will be assigned a locker and she is responsible for her combination lock. This lock is available in the student stationery pack. All locks used must be school issue and lockers must always be kept locked.

Mobile Phones
A student may bring a Mobile Phone to school but it must be turned off during the school day (8.30 am – 3.20 pm). If a student uses her phone, or the phone disrupts the school program, her mobile phone will be confiscated and must be collected from the school office. Repeated confiscation of a student’s phone will require the student to hand it in to the office every day. Parents are asked not to call or text their daughter during the day. If there is any kind of an emergency it is best to involve Brigidine staff in its communication.

The Library Hours of Operation: 8.15 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.
If for any reason the Library is closed during these hours, a notice to this effect will be displayed at the entrance. Students may use the Library before school, at recess, lunchtime and after school as well as during Library classes. All material being borrowed must be checked out at the charge desk. Material being returned is to be placed in the returns box next to the charge desk.
Loan Periods: Fiction 2 weeks; Non-Fiction 1 week.
It is possible to renew books for longer periods. Books in demand may be restricted to 2 days or an overnight loan. Overdues: As in most libraries overdue books are subject to a fine. As the date due is stamped at the back of the book, students are reminded to check this and to return or renew books on time. Otherwise students must pay the fine as directed. All material borrowed becomes the responsibility of the borrower, therefore lost or damaged material must be replaced at its correct/current value. Computers in the library may be used before school, at recess, lunchtime and after school.

Brigidine excursions are all connected to classroom learning. No student is allowed to take part in any school activity or excursion off the school premises without the excursion form being signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the relevant teacher. If a student does not return the written permission form, she is not permitted to attend the excursion. This would mean that she misses information that will be assessed. All students are asked to take responsibility for getting their parents to sign their permission notes. Students are to be in correct school uniform if they are to attend an excursion.