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Athletics Carnival will be held on Friday 14th May at ES Marks Field.

The carnival starts at 8.15am - 2.15pm


Remember your competitors number


Wear house colours in the cartoon theme!

Please note that the Athletic Carnival is a compulsory College event.  If your daughter is absent on the day of the carnival due to illness, please contact the school and inform them of her absence either by leaving your message on voicemail or contacting the office at 8.00am.  On her return to school she must present a doctor’s certificate to her roll call teacher.


The carnival will be held regardless of weather.

All students must come prepared with hats, sunscreen and drink bottles.  If it is wet weather you are advised to bring appropriate clothing.

If the Carnival must be postponed a message will be placed on Compass by 7.00 am

If there is no message then the Carnival is on!

Canteen facilities will be available from 10.30am.


Dress for the Carnival

Students may dress up in their House Colours for the carnival but they must make sure they are in appropriate clothing to travel in. NO PAINT IS TO BE USED AT ANY TIME AS DRESS UP.  If you do not wish to dress up you are to wear correct PE uniform.

All students must be aware of sun safety and wear appropriate clothing to prevent sunburn as well as using sunscreen and wearing a hat. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

We hope to see lots of participation from all girls and great team spirit.  Good luck to all teams.