Brigidine Community Statement

Brigidine College is committed to the development of young women who:

- value prayer, the presence of God and the Catholic faith in their lives.

- respect the dignity of others

- love learning for its own sake

- think independently and fair mindedly

- are well-balanced, happy and self-confident

- participate in a caring community of teachers, students and parents

- value themselves as women

- are appreciative of creative and cultural pursuits

- develop skills that will enable them to adapt to the changes and challenges of the 21st Century

- are concerned about such significant issues for our world as justice, peace and ecology


The focus of the College community is on the pastoral care and personal development of each student.
Pastoral Care and Peer Support programs, the care of the Homeroom Teacher and Year Co-ordinator,
services of a College Counsellor, regular Form Meetings, Community Days and an active Students'
Representative Council all form part of this endeavour.


The Parent Body is represented on the College Finance Committee and the College Advisory Council. 
At Brigidine, we believe that active support and involvement of parents is essential in the education of
their daughters. Parents are welcome at our Assemblies, Liturgies, College Carnivals and Gatherings.
Parents are welcome to assist the College in a voluntary capacity e.g. extra-curricular events, facilities
and maintenance, support, library, etc.