The Way We Use Power at the College

What is Powering Change?
Powering Change is a student developed project that has been built and designed by the students & staff here at Brigidine College Randwick with the help of a cool company called Power Tracker. The project is all about trying to understand how we affect the planet, with a particular focus on the issue of Global warming. Our goal is to reduce our impacts on the earth through our energy consumption and our consumer action, so that we can create a better world today and for future generations.
How does the project work? 
The project works in two ways...
Firstly the website shows how much electricity we are using each day which is then converted into an amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The Graphic Technology Class of 2016 designed the website with Power Tracker so that we could easily see this conversion and a range of other impacts. It’s our job, as stewards of the planet, to reduce these impacts.
We have therefore set ourselves a goal of reducing our annual CO2 output by 5%. We will use our total emissions from last year [2016] as a baseline and compare this to our total emission to the end of this year. To reach our target we have to be very conscious of our power usage.
We can monitor this by looking at the ‘tall spikes’ that happen throughout the day especially during periods 3 and 4 - see Daily Energy Usage. If every day these 'Spikes' get smaller and smaller then we are winning - see 'Target Page'.
There are a whole lot of other things we can do as well. Students check out the ‘Task List’ when they Register for a range of actions they can take at school and at home, this is the other cool part.
Secondly, students will be competing with other students from different year groups to see how many of these actions they can complete. For each action achieved, a student will be rewarded points or ‘leaves’.
These go to helping grow your own Avatar Tree and the College’s Avatar Tree. The harder the challenge, the more points are awarded. Everyone will be able to see who has completed what tasks and who may need a little help.  Students will even be able to see what their teachers have done. We want to get to a combined total of 50,000 leaves by the end of the year. 
The Launch 
The Devices Deployed
The Devices Feeding into Power Tracker and More Launch-Day Activities