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Mock Trial

Participation in the Mock Trial Competition is offered to students in Years 10 and 11. It is a practical means of introducing students to the law and to increase understanding of the basis of our judicial system. Mock trials are simulated court cases in which the participating student teams contest a fictional legal dispute in a mock Local or District Court. The case materials for the trials are provided by the NSW Law Society. The cases are confined to simple criminal and civil matters.

A team may act as either the defence or prosecution during a trial, with each team member taking on the role of a barrister, solicitor, court officer or witness, pitting their skills against the opposing side - a team from another school.

Each trial is presided over by a Magistrate (a solicitor or barrister), who awards marks to each team based on a range of criteria, such as opening addresses, closing submissions and cross examinations. The team with the highest mark wins the trial.

A great many skills are developed by competing students. Students develop strong communication skills, confidence in addressing an audience, taking responsibility within a team and maturity in their behaviour.

For more information visit the Law Society website: