Parent Portal for the Sentral System

Sentral Parent Portal
If you already have a Parent Portal account and would like to log in, click this link:
If you don’t yet have a Parent Portal account and would like to register, click this link:
Please do not re-register if you already have a Sentral Acount. If you have forgotten your password please request a reset.
Many parents have registered but have not then logged in again to use their key, after being approved.  Please remember to do this to link to your daughter's details and complete the process in Sentral.

The summary of the whole process you should have completed is below. Many have done steps 1-3 but not the final part - step 4

1. Register and set up your password using the registration link above.

2. Await  the approval email. (Usually by next business day). You will be a Sentral account holder once you receive it.

3. Login  to your Sentral account using your email address and the password you set. The email address is your username for Sentral.

4. Put in the special family key you were emailed  to link to your student(s) at BCR. It must be typed in exactly including any capitals etc.

5. Thereafter your daughter's photo  should show. Clicking on it will take you to the dashboard for information and e.g. Parent Teacher Interview bookings.

Please  also note - on our Website:

If you  still need to register for the portal, or to login after your registration has been approved, both links are there within the Sentral System Portal  choice under the  Parents tab and at the very top of our website page between the  "Contact" and "Site Map" links.