BYODD useful information


BYODD 2017/2018.


  • The SCS Office has advised this minimum specification for machines:  LINK     
  • The College requires that a  proper notebook computer is purchased which meets this spec.
  • Parents are advised to read the document carefully and to find a retail outlet that can supply such a machine, bearing in mind the recommendations regarding warranty and repairs.
  • The wireless system compatibility is especially important.


  • The SCS Portal for machine purchase was discontinued at the end of Term 2, 2017.


The information below applies for 2017 BYODD laptops

Yrs 7 and 10 mainly.


Software Information.


  • Microsoft Office 365 – This was free to Catholic School students over 13yrs old  earlier in 2017.
  • The SCS Office advises that it is no longer handling this licence, so for 2018 parents will need to licence this software for students needing it.


  • Adobe Creative Cloud - this is now supplied to students via  a CEnet  username method. The total number of licenses has been ordered, these have being distributed to the students via a SCS/Adobe dashboard.
  • Link: Instructions
  •  2017 - Students have been sent an email with the link (early in the year).


  • 2017 - Yrs 7, 8  and the yrs 10 and 11 Electives - in Art and TAS related subjects - have been assigned a licence, the Adobe application has been approved and the download link emailed to students.
  • The cost of these licences will be covered by the College for 2017 and 2018. ($30 per student per year)
  • 2018 CEnet licences for Adobe Creative Cloud will be issued early in 2018 once all the Brigidine CEnet user accounts are finalised.


  • 2017 Downloading instructions for the Creative Cloud Suite are provided with the link emailed to students and parents have been sent instructions too.
  • 2018 similar instructions will be sent out when the licences are finalised.