Stream Watch

Streamwatch is a water monitoring program run in partnership by Sydney Water and the Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA).  It supports local communities and schools across Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Illawarra and Southern Highland regions.  Streamwatch groups investigate and take action on water quality and catchment and ecosystem health.

At Brigidine College we have had a Streamwatch group operation since 2003.  Our group monitors the water quality of the Coogee Catchment by regularly carrying out chemical testing on the water flowing out of the stormwater drain at Coogee Beach.  These tests are carried out approximately once per week during each school term.  The results of the tests are entered on the Streamwatch online database, and any incidents of poor water quality are reported immediately.  Fortunately, over the 11 years of Streamwatch at Brigidine there have only been a handful of reportable incidents.  This means that the water quality of the Coogee catchment is quite good overall.

On average about thirty girls are committed to Streamwatch each year.  Each year a new intake of Year 7 students is trained, and they go on to become fully functioning ‘Streamwatchers’.  The girls carry out the water testing during lunchtime or after school for seniors.  Streamwatch is one way that students can do something practical for the environment.  The girls enjoy the chance to get out of the classroom and put some of their learning into practice.

Our Streamwatch group motto, “Streamwatch is Fun!” summarises the spirit that exists within the group.